Expand Excel Physical Therapy and Community Health (Expand Excel PTCH) was created by Salone Jones to help you expand your education and excel in physical therapy and community health. Through interviews, she brings you credible highly influential clinicians and students of physical therapy and related professions. Sharing valuable tools, tips, and resources to help you excel. Promoting healthy communities is vital to the field of physical therapy. Expand Excel PTCH supports community health by offering tools, tips, and resources that can improve one’s health related quality of life (HRQL). Gain valuable insight, advice, and resources right here, right now.


Born and raised in Savannah, GA. 2006 Graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Film/Television Production and Performing Arts. Upon graduation, Salone spent some time in Los Angeles, California pursuing a career as an actress. Unable to survive as an extra, Ms. Jones became a personal trainer and group fitness instructor to pay the bills, igniting within her a love for human anatomy and physiology, and unknowingly launching a second career path toward physical therapy.

Ms. Jones has had an exciting life as an actress, filmmaker, and fitness professional, but living project to project left Salone pondering on pursuing a second career as a physical therapist. In 2016, Ms. Jones turned those thoughts into action going back to school full-time to complete the courses necessary for acceptance into a Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program (DPT). In 2018, Ms. Jones was accepted into Baylor University Hybrid DPT Program, which lead to the idea for Expand Excel Physical Therapy and Community Health YouTube Channel.

Understanding that a two-year hybrid DPT program will be very intense, with a lot of information coming at once. Ms. Jones had the idea of expanding her personal education over the course of the two-year program outside of the classroom by conducting informal interviews with the various clinicians she will have access to during her program. Wanting to help others do the same, Salone decided to not just gather this information for herself, but to share this information with others. YouTube platform gives Ms. Jones that unique ability. Ms. Jones will enter her DPT program at Baylor University January 2019, and plans to take all of us on the journey with her as she expand her education, so she can excel in the field of physical therapy and community health promotion. She invites you to do the same.

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